Celtic Dragon Irish Coffee Cup- free personalization

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Embrace your Irish heritage with this classic Irish coffee cup, perfect for enjoying a wee cup of your favorite beverage. Celtic Dragon Irish Coffee Glass : This glass is engraved with an original Celtic Dragon design. The dragon is a common thread throughout much of humanity's lore. For the Celts and Norse the dragon is believed to be the most powerful of creatures, often comparable to forces of nature and was the companion of different gods and goddesses. Centuries later the dragon is still found as a common heraldic theme as supporters or as the centerpiece, as seen on the Welsh Flag. The dragon is also found on the Coat of Arms and Clan Crests of many families originating from nations with Celtic roots (i.e. Scottish Clans Seton & Somerville or Irish family Drake). The engraving will not fade and the glass is dishwasher friendly. FREE PERSONALIZED ENGRAVING: We offer free personalized lettering on ALL of our glassware! There is no limit on lettering but we ask that you please consider what will fit with the design. If you would like to personalize your order, just send a message with your purchase and please state the following: 1.) What you would like engraved with spelling, punctuation and capitalization as you would like them. 2.) Where you would like the glass engraved; 1.Above the design, 2.Below the design, or 3.Opposite the design. Dimensions : Height : 5.75 " Width : 3 " Volume : 10 oz. *Free Personalized Engraving *All items ship 1-3 day USPS Priority Mail *We will replace any glass damaged during shipping promptly and free of charge