Clan Buchanan Scottish Crest Stein: Free Shipping & Personalized Engraving

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Clan Buchanan Scottish Crest 27oz Stein: Clan Buchanan Blazon: A hand holding up a ducal cap purpure lined ermin, tufted on the top with a rose gules within two branches of laurel, disposed orleways proper Clan Buchanan Motto: Claroir hinc honos, "Hence the greater honor" or "Brighter, hence the honor" This large stein is engraved the Clan Buchanan Crest and the words "Clan Buchanan" Below in Old English Font. The name Buchanan is a derivative of the Gaelic word bothchanain, "Canon's seat" Clan comes from the Gaelic word "clann" which is translated to "children," used to identify familial groups giving a common sense of generational connection. In Scotland the Clan system that is, Scottish Heraldry and Coats of Arms are regulated to this day by Lord Lyon who manages the Scottish Public Registers of Arms and Genealogies. For more information please send us a message and we will gladly recommend some historically reliable literature and websites. The engraving will not fade and the glass is dishwasher friendly and may be stored in the freezer. FREE PERSONALIZED ENGRAVING: We offer free personalized lettering on ALL of our glassware! There is no limit on lettering but we ask that you please consider what will fit with the design. If you would like to personalize your order, just send a message with your purchase and please state the following: 1.) What you would like engraved with spelling, punctuation and capitalization as you would like them. 2.) Where you would like the glass engraved; 1.Above the design, 2.Below the design, or 3.Opposite the design. (Please refer to photo above). Dimensions : Height : 9 " Width : 3 " Volume : 27 oz. *Free Shipping *Free Personalized Engraving *All items ship 1-3 day USPS Priority Mail *We will replace any glass damaged during shipping promptly and free of charge