Scottish Thistle Stein

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Scottish Thistle 27oz Clear Glass Stein:

This large stein is engraved with an original Scottish Thistle design. The story behind how Scotland claimed the thistle to be it's national flower is as follows:

It was during the rein of Alexander III (1249 -1286) that the thistle became the Emblem of Scotland. It is said that King Haakon of Norway's Army landed at the Coast of Largs under cover of darkness to surprise the sleeping Scots. Haakon's soldiers removed their footwear to approach stealthily. But as they stalked in the night, one of men's bare feet felt the sting of the thistle's guard and shrieked out in pain. The Scottish Clansmen were alerted of the advancing Norsemen and defended their homeland.

We offer free personalized lettering on ALL of our glassware!
There is no limit on lettering but we ask that you please consider what will fit with the design. If you would like to personalize your order, just send a message with your purchase and please state the following:

1.) What you would like engraved with spelling, punctuation and capitalization as you would like them.
2.) Where you would like the glass engraved; 1.Above the design, 2.Below the design, or 3.Opposite the design. (Please refer to photos above).

Dimensions :
Height : 9 "
Width : 3 "

Volume : 27 oz.